Miami-Dade & Broward

Corporate &Transactional & Financing & Insurance

  • Extensive experience in drafting and negotiating transactional documents, such as sale and purchase agreements, merger and acquisition agreements, joint ventures, joint operating agreements,  letters of intent, non-disclosure agreements (in anticipation of a working relationship), and many other types of commercial agreements; in addition to, extensive experience in the drafting governing documents of a business entity such as operating agreements for limited liability companies, bylaws for corporations, or partnership agreements for general or limited partnerships;
  • Counsel clients on compliance requirements in heavily regulated industries;
  • Draft and negotiate commercial leases, easement agreements, and intellectual property licenses and usage agreements;
  • Extensive knowledge on Corporate Governance issues in relation to shareholder rights, board of directors responsibilities, and executive management issues;
  • Extensive Knowledge on various types of Corporate Structures taking into account factors such as: insulation from personal liability of corporate debts, taxation consequences, and asset protection  models, for businesses;
  • Extensive knowledge on 501©(3) Charitable Entity Representation and related issues such as Unrelated Business Income Taxation (“UBIT”) and Private Inurement issues;
  • Prepare and negotiate documents in connection to a Tax Exempt Bond Financing Loan;
  • Develop and implement employer Intellectual Property Protection policies, Trademark, Copyright, and Service Mark creation and registration at the state level;
  • Handle, manage, and oversee Multi-Million Dollar Insurance Portfolio and review, identify, address and analyze coverage issues, exclusions, and depleting or wasting nature of existing policies.

Labor & Employment

  • Counsel management team in collective bargaining negotiations and draft Collective Bargaining Agreement in a Union workplace setting;
  • Advise companies on unfair labor practices;
  • Represent management in National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) proceedings in connection to alleged employer violations of the National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”);
  • Represent employer in discrimination litigation before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) and state and federal courts;
  • Advise clients on compliance with Wage and Hour laws of the Federal Labor Standards Act “(FLSA”), American with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”), Title VII harassment actions, whistle blower claims, and retaliation claims; 
  • Draft Employee Handbooks/Manuals and Policy Manuals in compliance with NLRB

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